Numbers Challenge: 1968/ 2002

Camaro Followers Will Love These

We have the privilege of demo driving some really cool cars. Of these we have two really great Camaros here in Jupiter,Fl., each drawing the eyes for a different reason. The first being a Matador Red ,1968 RS with matching numbers. The second being a 2002 Z28 Pace Car for the August 1, 2001 Brickyard 400, signed by Mr. Jeff Gordon himself!  Old Camaro ads used to read ” frosting on frosting” and “the Hugger”( referring to its handling on the road ). I think we can still apply these two descriptives when we talk about Camaros, because decade after decade, they seem to hold on to that muscle car following they are known for.

Numbers on block CamaroBody Plate Camaro

Matching Numbers Camaro

So what are matching numbers all about? This 1968 Camaro was acquired and is being sold as a matching numbers car. As I read articles and learned about the meaning of “matching numbers”, I feel it can be a loose, flexible term,  depending on where you gauge as a consumer and enthusiast.  My understanding of matching numbers means that there are cars that have number stampings on the transmission and engine that have the same  last six digits of the V.I.N. ( according to an older Newsday article using a ’67 corvette as an example). That seems to be the simplest requirement for matching numbers.  You may seek additional stampings based on an ID plate found in some cars. I was curious to take a minimal look under the hood in our car, as I have not had any car experience till being thrown into this arena. At first, I excitedly located a bold number, but my husband quickly dismissed it as an insignificant number- a firing order for the cylinders. Then I spotted a legible I.D. plate, and again looked to my husband for confirmation. “Confirmed.”  After some time, out of three of us looking under the hood, our friend Rick, spotted a dull, faint number that was quite easy to overlook . All the articles I’ve read say it is not easy to find these numbers and how challenging it can be, and I can see why. Any other number confirmations require crawling under the car, and having knowledge of where to look. In finding this one number though, we can verify that this is the engine that this vehicle was born with.  So why go through all this trouble? Some people actually buy classic cars as investments and matching numbers at least help the car retain its value. I’ve been to several auctions now and have heard the auctioneer present the idea of making a classic an investment, so the idea is out there, as much as investing in diversified funds.  Of course the more original stamped pieces you have in a car, the more value it attains, leading to a higher price piece. So again, it just depends on what the buyer is looking for- pristine, garage prince or princess, ” down to earth” numbered but drivable, or just for fun. Speaking of fun…


Another Kind of Matching Number – #24

For a more modern option to get your “Camaro Fix” on,  consider this 2002 z28 Pace car. This is a car that opened for the 2002 Brick Yard 400 and is signed by Jeff Gordon himself.  Reading only 7,000 miles, this car comes with documentation, and the much loved Camaro lineage. The car has a number 24 on it indicating it is the 24th out of the 45 pace cars manufactured for that race. I call it a matching number car because Jeff Gordon’s team number is 24, making it one sweet “frosted Hugger!”

Post Thoughts:

As mentioned above, we drive our cars as demo cars and enjoy driving them around Jupiter, Fl, socializing with car lovers like us.  If you think you’d like to purchase either of these cars, jump on to our site page , read more about them and view more pics. We make arrangements for out of state transport as well. Contact us anytime for more information.

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