Mustangs -Nostalgic Yet Playful!



Driving Around Jupiter, Fl. in a 2015 Ford Mustang V6 Convertible- a pleasant surprise!

I tend to be on the conservative side of chosing autos, mostly sedans with sunroofs, but after driving around town in this  bold, “Ya, I’m Here” orange Mustang, I have to say I have a new admiration for these beloved pony cars. They still have a whole lot of appeal for a descent price tag.  I sometimes look at old ads to get inspiration for my writing and one of the most playful ads had a list of promises as a Mustang owner, among them, “I will not sell tickets to all the people who want to ride in my  Mustang.” Sportiness, backed with a sense of play, this car has a lot to offer.

I love the “user friendliness” of this 2015 model.  With a quick twist and a press of the button, the top smoothly settles back.  There is not clunky gas cap cover to worry about, and for a V6 it’s got a little “UMPH” to it. I believe it’s got universal attraction to both the young and spirited, and empty nesters alike. For nostalgic car lovers that grew up in the era of  emerging Mustangs, Corvettes and Camaros, it’s a great throw back to the day.  It still maintains the Classic Mustang Pony emblem throughout, even it’s most basic models, accompanied by the sporty package mustangs are known for.

While I love seeing the old ones rolling down the street, and posing at car shows, I can appreciate the newer ones for carrying on the Mustang tradition.  On my twitter feed, just a few days back, eClassicAutos tweeted about it’s popularity in Australia and Europe,  which just shows the kind of following they have worldwide. There are all kinds of Mustang clubs to join once you own one, again adding to the playfulness and socialness associated with the car. I can honestly say, it’s a fun ride, and would drive it more if not for the fact that I’d be adding miles to  32,625 reading. For $21,999, it’s a great traditional car buy. 

Post Thought:

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Posting by Natalie Giasullo