We Value Our Customers Like No One Else!

Every business claims that they are different, but are they really? We have been in business a little over a year, and we have already jumped to number 11 out of over a 100 independent used car dealers here in Palm Beach County. It’s simply because we do things differently than most car dealers .  Over a year of reviews, 75+ 5 star reviews on Cars.Com, 25+ 5 star reviews on google, 12+ 5 star reviews on Car Gurus.  How many 4 star? 1, How many 3 star or less? ZERO.  Our testimonials page on our site shows the way we have been received by our community, and we are very proud of the way we do things around here. We know to expect a bad review , but even if and when that happens, we will reflect on what we could have done to be better.

How Are We Different?

Classic Cars of Palm Beach serves as a platform for small local businesses to interact and support each other.   A lot of our locals seem to have their own businesses that align with our way of thinking, so we are happy to support and promote them when appropriate.  And it’s mutual.  For example, this spring we have a goal of helping our local high school seniors in need of a hearing aid, get one upon graduation.  So a local business owner wrote a check to the highschool to help us reach our goal. We also get referrals from these businesses, and we in turn refer customers over to them. It’s a great hometown feel, and when you look at how our customers respond to us, you’ll get it. It’s not just selling cars, but building up our community.

Most Importantly

There is absolutely zero pressure to buy.  We believe  in the quality of the selection of vehicles we display and how we price them. If a customer chooses to leave- no hard feelings.  We encourage everyone to do their homework before buying, because we know that a lot of times there is a lot of number crunching, and budget fittings to be done. With six kids- we understand! But it’s not just about getting the right price ( we know plenty of dealerships that can give you a great price) it’s about getting a car that you can depend on and feel good about as your husband, wife, son, daughter, mom, dad, or friend get behind the wheel .  A car fax is a great tool to be supplied with when buying a car because you get a history of previous ownership and services.  But we give you something more important and accurate when buying a car. This is where we a VERY DIFFERENT from most independents.

When we say no pressure- we mean it.  No salesmen circling around you to get your personal information.  In fact customers will ask us to call them about a car they may have looked at. We tell them, this is not what we do.  We are here if you want to come buy it.  Call us before you drive back to check on the availability of the vehicle. We will only call you if you have asked us to look out for a vehicle for you.

What Kind of Cars Can You Find Here?

We are focused on cars three years or newer. Most will have partial warranty left on them. Our lot holds 50 vehicles but we hope to expand soon enough.  We have a few SUVs, sedans and trucks ( Hyundai, Lincoln, Mazda, Nissan, Kia etc). Our site is continually being updated with new vehicles, so keep checking back or friend us on Facebook to get updates on our vehicles as they come in, or prices update.

Meet the Owners: John and Nat Giasullo

John knows everything about buying and selling cars.  He’s been in the business for over thirty years. In each dealership he worked at, he contributed growth and success.  He walked away from his last “executive position ” because he wanted to do things the RIGHT WAY.  Nat knows nothing about buying and selling cars.  She ran, (did not walk away) from her last  “teaching gig” years ago. Though she loves working with kids and supports the local schools,  she finds hanging out with John to be a lot more fun. You can still find her reading with kids though. Together John and Nat want to help be a positive force in the community, and help families purchase reliable, affordable,and well packaged cars.