Before You Buy Your Next Vehicle…

Educate Yourself

Just the other day I got a text from a young man I met in a focus group in Miami. ( I can’t make this stuff up, I really did.)  “Hi, I am looking for a truck and remembered you guys have a car lot in Jupiter…”  After some back and forth he told me he had gone to one of our competitors and had his heart set on a truck, but by the time he finally got the money together for it, it was gone.  My husband looked up the truck and educated him. ” I don’t want to offend you, but it really wasn’t a great truck.” He answered,” What do you mean? It had a clean car fax.” My husband cautioned him and explained just because it had a clean car fax, it did not mean it was free of structural damage. You are shown in bold lettering what a car dealer wants you to see, ” XXX TRUCK, $19,999, CLEAN CAR FAX.” But you need to read the full disclosure in tiny lettering where it says “previous accident.” A car fax is good to search a car’s history of services, and check to see how much warranty is left. We offer a free car fax on all our cars, because we know people pay to obtain one. Just know,at the auctions, if a car has structural damage ,  they make it a point to announce it twice, with visuals spelling that out!” STRUCTURAL DAMAGE”

Hard to believe, some used car dealers may buy it and go on to post it with the large lettering they want you to pay attention to, and make minimum effort to disclose the damage on it. He had to guide the young man on how to read a car’s posting, and I thought, what a great topic to write about. There’s always very tiny print in a car’s posting, put your glasses on and read them.  Look for “previous accident”, look for “structural damage.” Take the car to a mechanic you trust and have them do a safety inspection before buying.  It may look beautiful on the lot, have a great price on it, but you really need to read carefully. Remember the old saying? “If it’s too good to be true… IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

I’m not writing on this topic to scare you, and I don’t want you to be afraid of the words “As Is” , I’m writing to educate. Sometimes a car will have been in a minor accident, and have minor damage. That’s nothing to be concerned about.  Just don’t  ASSUME everything is ok because it has a clean car fax. It can be a false sense of security. Because you know that saying too…When you assume…ASS/U/ME! Who doesn’t love that skit?! Sometimes there is safety in knowing  who you are doing business with. That’s why we feel like we have something over ” the big dealerships.” Here it’s just me and John.  How great is it to talk to the owners directly? We invite you to take a car you may be interested in to your mechanic. We don’t charge dealer fees. And we can have you in and out in thirty minutes or less.