Obstacles Challenge

Can Limitations and Obstructions Push Us Forward in Our Creative Work? After giving this prompt some reflection, I think the answer is yes, yes and yes.  In the car business, as with all businesses I suppose, it’s all about the numbers. Having come from  very large car companies, the focus was ALWAYS on the numbers.  “We’re closing the … More Obstacles Challenge

Around Town

This page is dedicated to local businesses that are worth sharing .  Businesses shared on this page are shared because they have provided a positive experience.  Supporting each other in our small , local business community is what we are all about. PERFORMANCE CENTER  in Jupiter, Fl   It is such peace of mind knowing I … More Around Town

Crossroads Challenge

This prompt has great timing.  I think our graduates today have  much more complicated crossroads than my generation did.  There has always been a push to influence our kids to graduate high school and go off to college.  It’s the mantra that I myself repeated over and over to my kids and my students when I … More Crossroads Challenge

Risk Challenge

It’s All in the Timing If you are waiting for ” the right time” to take a risk, well, there never is a “right time.” But I suppose you can wait till most of the time is right. Risk, it’s been a big part of our pillow talk for the last five years now.  My … More Risk Challenge

Word Press Challenges

I just wanted to dedicate this page to explaining posts that are referring to a “Challenge.”  I realize they may not be informative to our visitors from Classic Cars of Palm Beach, but they do provide me with an opportunity to exercise my writing ability and get to know other bloggers in the community. I try … More Word Press Challenges

After the Dust Settles…

Barrett- Jackson Swept Through Palm Beach With a Storm of Excitement! Even before the big event,  in this wonderful, quirky world of cars, people connected with each other sharing their passion for collectible cars. Barret Jackson starts with a gala the night before the auction begins. Great food ( I especially liked Havana) , music by Soul Survivor- … More After the Dust Settles…