What We Have Over the BIG Dealerships

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IMG_1064 Owners of Classic Cars of Palm Beach- Nat & John





We Dont Follow the Rules

As part of a small business, I always ask customers for some feedback on their purchasing experience, and so far, I’m knocking on wood. One fellow I spoke with told me we took the edge off of buying a used car.  He also felt we were an advocate for him.  When people don’t get approved by the traditional  avenues, we take it upon ourselves to make the calls to the financial institutes, and point out, for example, he has good credit, but he’s never had a car loan. He’s not picking out a Ferrari, he’s picking out a reasonable car that fits into the outline of his income. You need to reconsider this person for the loan, and NOT CLOBBER him with a high tier interest plan. If this were your son or nephew, what would you do for them?

No Pressure to Buy

You know there is a stigma with car salesmen. “They’re so pushy, I hate when they bombard me with questions when I am only looking, They just see me as another number on their boards…” This is a hard one for my husband to follow.  He’s not pushy,  but he is about the numbers, and that’s part of any business, so it’s completely understandable to me.  But when people come on the lot, all I do is come out and say ” Hello, I just wanted to come out and say hi to you all, all our cars are unlocked, feel free to look around and if you need anything, my name is Nat.” Because as a consumer when I’m at a retail store I absolutely hate it when people follow me around . If I need help in finding a dress I fell in love with, believe me, I will track a sales associate down.We also get the cases where people come, test drive, we give them our 100% attention, best possible pricing BECAUSE we are a small company and we CAN. This is where it gets difficult for my husband.  They may actually turn around and say, we are going to keep shopping at (and they name the big dealerships).  This is traditionaly  where he would have only focused on a lost sale. Since I have not been in the car business, I try to bring that retail approach , and remind him that we are different from the big dealerships in a good way.  We want people to feel comfortable with us, and have such a dynamic experience, that they will point people in our direction, and more importantly come back to purchase their next car from us. In fact it just happened on Sunday.  A couple had been in on Saturday, looked at a car , and left. Sunday morning I stopped by the lot on my way to meet my husband at our boat. I decided to post a sign on the door, as we are traditionally closed on Sunday.  It read , “Gone Boating” and explained that we would be local enough to meet with any customer if they wanted to take a test drive, and gave out my husband’s cell number.  Among the calls? The couple that said they were gonna continue shopping.  It was just the endorsement we needed.  Our prices are competitive with the larger well known car dealers.

We are like the annoying little brother…

Classic Cars of Palm Beach is a small used car company.  We can’t afford a vast display of commercials and advertisement yet.  But we are starting to come up on the search engines and getting known as the “local car dealership” that charges no dealer fees, helps out with finacing and transportation to out of state,  has a decent inventory of cars priced competitively, and actually makes car buying a painless process!  We have genuine reviews on googlecars.com and car gurus.  We reply to all our reviews and are very thankful for the feedback. We are people of faith, and hope that shows through when you visit and interact with us.