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Classic Cars of Palm Beach is a boutique, used car dealership in Jupiter, Fl.- a gem coastal beach area in the northern tip of Palm Beach County.  The idea developed from the owner’s personnel acquirement of a 1957 T bird.  It was not planned.  John has been in the car business for over thirty years and has grown the biggest used car dealerships here in Florida.  A semi retired C.O.O. with a love for the car industry, he decided to unite the classic car side to the used traditional market he was very familiar with and passionate about.  That’s what makes this local car dealership so unique. While the bulk of the inventory is used traditional convertibles ,coupes, sedans, and SUVs,  locals and visitors to Florida alike, are invited to stop by with their classic to show it off and chat with the owners.

So this blog is written from my perspective, as a consumer, and an outsider to the ins and out of the car business. I will write about the locals that own classics here in Jupiter, events we participate in, local businesses that compliment ours, car clubs, pieces on classics, as well as used traditional cars, or any car we acquire that may have a special story to it. I want to be able to connect with people in the Classic car community in Jupiter and abroad in a positive light. And I want to connect with bloggers that hold similar interests.

I hope you enjoy reading about what’s going on here at Classic Cars of Palm Beach and that you’ll find interest in the articles. Would love to hear a tweet as long as it’s positive, and would love to learn from fellow bloggers as well.

And take a Look at our Classic Car Picture Challenge

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