“Yeah, We’re Doing it Right!”

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We often take a step back and re evaluate what we are doing as a small local business that separates us from the larger used car dealers.  One topic we seem to re visit is the ease we present to customers on the car they are considering to purchase. From the moment they call and ask us if we take trades, we offer appraisals sight unseen. Of course it’s subject to change when they bring the vehicle in, but we know that they want a ball park figure to work with before coming. By doing that it tells our customers, hey there’s no pressure here.  We don’t do the ” Oh we could never appraise a car over the phone, you’re gonna have to come over with the vehicle” game.

Another facet people seem to like- no salesmen swarming . We greet and welcome our customers to look around, sit inside the vehicles, and if they’d like to test drive anything, we’ll throw a tag on.  They’re free to take the car to their mechanic and we offer as much information on the vehicle as we can.  We show them how we made the decision to buy the car and actually encourage them to ask the other dealers to show them what we are willing to show them. (Many, many times they will not.) The majority of our cars are 1 to 3 years old, with remaining warranties. And just when they expect the process to get more complicated, it just doesn’t. We have an easy online credit application.  Within minutes we are able to tell them what their payments will be like, and we get them out the door within thirty minutes. That’s our WOW factor.

We’ve heard customers get ready to drive away in their new car and say, ” It can’t be this easy.”  This usually follows, ” I’ll never go back to a regular car dealer again.”  The best part for us is when someone comes in that was referred by friends or family. That’s validation that we are doing it right! We love being a small local business that can help people purchase a car with confidence and ease.

What people need to know is that those other dealers are only presenting the illusion that it’s necessary to take half a day to purchase a vehicle, it’s necessary to pay dealer fees, it’s necessary to bring your car in for apprasing, and because the car has a clean car fax, it’s a great buy. These are all false Illusions. Car dealers are the ones entirely in control. In our case, the customer is an active participant in the process. We work hard to keep the prices of our vehicles low, and the interest rate low so the payments can leave a little more money in your pocket. Basically, we treat people with the same courtesy we would want someone to treat one of our family members.

After about 18 months of business, we can self evaluate and say, ” Yeah, we’re doing it right!”


No Dealer fees, no salemen

Appraisals sight unseen

1 to 3 year vehicles with remaining warranty

Easy online application with low rates from Capital One

33% of our sales are out of our county or state

Car Guru Top Rated Dealer Endorsement for 2017

Proud supporters of our local schools

Check our testimonials out on our webpage, cars.com, google and car gurus.

Contact info: johng@classiccarsofpalmbeach.com 561-529-3101