A Very Good Sign


When customers come into our showroom, I always ask them how they heard about us and what was it that made them decide to come to our location. Our last customer told us that one competitor would write a lengthy detail of each vehicle, then down towards the end include the word “accident” like if they were trying to hide something.  He also shared that he had gone  to one dealership to ask what the trade value on his car would come out to.  After some time he wanted to leave and asked for his keys back, but the salesman said the manager had them and was in the middle of a meeting. “It was insulting that they would think I would follow through with a purchase from them.”

He then went on to look  at another car  that was connected to our site, which lead him to look more into our dealership. That’s when he called us and spoke to John.  “It seems you all just put out the facts, without putting any pressure on the customer to come out to your location. Not only that, you kind of educated me on what to ask the other dealerships should I choose not to come to your site. The process from beginning to end just did not seem like the kind of dealerships I  was used to going to.” Mission accomplished! That’s exactly what we want our customers to experience.

Within the same week we had been out to dinner and a couple had approached us.  They remembered John from a previous car purchase.  He noticed John had not been there, and the quality of cars were just not the same.( The business model had changed to one that had a short vision of immediate profit).That conversation really resonated with us because we know it is a good sign that people are starting to take notice of our place, not even a year old. Our goal is to break into the car business on a new platform.   We want people to know we are different from all the other used car lots that have a whole lot of radio spots, billboards, noise and distraction to what you are trying to accomplish verses what they are accomplishing.  I think that the small challenge we are trying to overcome and WILL just takes time and patience. Some people go to these other lots just because they’ve heard the name. Think about that…Just because you’ve heard that name… that’s it?  We encourage everyone in the process of a used car purchase to step back and ask themselves “Why are you willing to do business with a used car site (even if it is the largets in the country) taking for granted any other information about the company? Would you knowingly purchase a vehicle that was unsafe to drive? Would you be ok with any of your family members driving that car? If they are truly transparent they will provide the same condition reports they based their buying on to in turn, sell to you. They would also have no problem letting you take the car to your mechanic before the purchase.

Yes, of course our short term goal is to sell you a car. But the bigger picture is, we want to sell you a car and make the experience a positive one so that it will connect with others in the community. We also want the community to benefit from our business. We love giving back to our local high school and help students facing a challenge. Our ultimate goal is to be able to provide those kids with scholarships and possibly a car for college or another form of continued education. Now that’s what we like to call a true profit!


Classic Cars of Palm Beach- Poud Supporters of the Jupiter High School Care Team