We Are No Longer in the Car Business

While we all appreciate cars like the ones pictured above, we went through growing pains this year to change our inventory to one that consumers can take ownership of.

Classic Cars of Palm Beach started as a unique dealership, stocking only classic cars, but with our outside lot in Florida, our cars would deteriorate before our eyes. We started acquiring used cars that were priced within customers’ reach, with a free Car Fax report for each vehicle. While we felt good about helping people find a good fit for their families and budgets,  we saw a need to change things up a little more.

Recently, we met a very successful man in the car business and have adopted his philosophy of what the car business is to him.  He explained any well branded business is in “the people business.” A car, or whatever any business is selling, is just a by product.  Until you really take the time to listen to people, take a true interest in their needs as consumers AND employees, you won’t succeed. His philosophy has resonated with us and that’s what we want to adopt in branding Classic Cars of Palm Beach.

We want to be advocates for our consumers that are putting kids through college, or taking on other additional expenses in caring for their families. There is just a very small percentage of people that are foolishly able dole out the money for a brand new car that depreciates the moment the wheels exit the car dealership. This has prompted us to move towards inventory that is nearly new generating confidence in our product and a huge savings. Imagine saving $10,000 and what that money can be used for.

As we head into 2017, we believe we finally got the picture of what our consumers want. Our inventory is stocked with cars that offer significant savings, remaining warranty,  and above average scores on condition reports.  We also facilitate financing with credible lenders like Capital One. And something you cannot put a price on is  TIME… The moment you decide “this is the car I want,” we can get you out the door within the hour.

Something We Have Always Believed in:

From the moment we set up our business, we knew we wanted to give back to our community. If you take a closer look at our marquis, one side has the words, “Proud Supporters of our Community.” We linked up with our local high school that has a care team helping kids presented with challenges.  One being, kids that have hearing aids through the school district have to turn them back in upon graduation. So, with each car purchase associated with the high school, $100 goes back to the care team, one goal being to provide kids with hearing aids that they can keep after graduation. That’s just the beginning of what we hope to do as we grow “The People Business.”


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  1. really nice inventory here, it’s refreshing to hear of companies having business models that take care of customers instead of the typical money grab businesses out there.


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