Used Car Buying at Classic Cars of

Palm Beach in Jupiter, Fl.

With so many car dealerships out there, why would you buy from a local used car lot such as ours? It’s interesting , we can only hold 40 to 45 cars on our lot and yet we have had not only locals come buy from us, but out of state buyers as well.  For one thing , we make it a point of having attainable pricing, keeping families in mind. When we find cars for our location, we want people to know we worked very hard at keeping the price as low as we could and did our homework on each vehicle. We research the cars to see if they have had prior IMG_2261accidents, and to what extent.   Is there frame damage? Have the airbags deployed? These, of course, would be deterrents in purchasing for our location. However, if the accident was just about replacing a bumper, we begin to consider the car for purchase. So as you shop for a car , whether with us or another dealer, don’t be so quick to turn away from a car that says “accident” because after all, the car you are driving now may have a different bumper on it do to a fender bender you may have had yourself.  Does that mean the car is no longer worth driving? Of course not.   We aren’t specifically looking for this profile, but we purchase as though we are buying this car for someone in our family.  “Would I be ok if my son or mom drove this?” is a good guide for us. As a matter of fact, I make it a point to drive a different demo car each week, so that our customers know, if she’s one of the owners and she’s driving it, then we should feel good about driving it too.

Another point of interest is that being a  used car dealership means keeping our inventory diverse.   For example, we have a 2010 Range Rover, yes with high miles (87,299) but priced at $29,999. We also have a 2014  Jeep Patriot with much lower miles ( 36,283) for $14,999 . Both very popular SUVs, one has, of course, the name and luxury to it, making it more pricy, but you get the idea of the diversity and attainable pricing we offer. Plus both of these models’ body styles have gone through very little changes, so unless your an expert you wouldn’t know if they are a 2010, 2012, or a 2014.

We also make the buying process as easy as possible. Our site offers a secured online credit application and we make arrangements for getting the car to you, whether local or out of state. I have never thought to buy a car out of state, but after talking to our customers that have, I can understand why. For example, there are thousands of Porsches out there throughout the states. The list narrows as you search for one in the $10,000 range. This is what would motivate someone to contact us, ask as many questions  as they can think of, ask for additional pictures, and make the decision to buy out of state.  You get everything done online, with almost effortless convenience and no dealer fees. Videos and pictures are just a click away. A lot of our cars are still under manufacturer warranty, but you can always purchase additional warranty if desired.


Buying a brand new car just doesn’t make sense anymore. No brand new car is exempt from the rate of depreciation new cars undergo.  Also remember, as stated above, many models that are 1 to 3 years old don’t look all that different from the brand new ones, and still offer the navigation, back up cameras, etc. that the new cars come with.

A final point of interest, that may or may not be a deal breaker for you, but we are proud of nonetheless, is that we give back to our local schools. We are proud to support our local Care Team at Jupiter High and any other school based programs to help kids in need. Many larger dealerships may give to a cause that is already strong in support, but in my opinion small businesses should be ready to help their own neighbors, so it creates that true sense of what a community should be. If each small businesses gave back to their own community, think of what an impact it would create in the big picture.  That’s what we enjoy most… being part of the “Big Picture.”