Classic Cars of Palm Beach Delivers!

1965 Backdraft Cobra is Delivered to it’s New Owners in Miami, Fl.

The great thing about the car business is that you meet the most interesting people. My husband and I delivered a 1965 Shelby Backdraft Cobra to Marco and Stephania in Miami.  While I was not looking forward to the 90 mile ride down, I was pleasantly surprised by the end result.  We were delivering the car to Marco and Stephania’s workplace in Wynwood. This is a very quirky, little suburb in Miami with a lot of unique drawings on the buildings calling out to the  “artistic eccentrics.” At first I felt as though we may have taken a very wrong turn, a familiar feeling I have stored since growing up in this dynamic, eclectic city. As I continued to follow my husband, I started looking around and took in the energy of the buildings. Each building was competing for its own unique identity. I was actually enjoying being a little lost, and while people were admiring the thunderous sound of the Shelby, I was admiring the display of individuality on the walls oozing with their own kind of sound.


We got to our destination, a building with a colorful garage door. It slowly opened revealing a very excited Marco on the other side.  We could have done the delivery then and there, but Marco’s Italian heritage of warmth and hospitality took over.  With a kiss for each cheek, as the Italians do, he invited us inside for a tour of the building .  They have a radio station inside that broadcasts to Italy,  and is decorated with a sense of humor, and bold artwork. He is very passionate about it, and is looking to get more “airspace” in other areas of Florida. The station is Revolution Radio Miami on 93.5 FM in Miami and 104.7 FM in Ft. Lauderdale.  He explained that the Wynwood area has grown since he and Stephania started working there, and the area has a lot of cool restaurants , art exhibits, and museums around town. The building also has it’s own kind of  art exhibit inside, and through out the halls of which Oscar, their fat cat, loves to run and slide around in. If you look up the Wynwood google reviews , you will see a lot of positive write ups. Thank you Marco and Stephania for inviting us into a fun filled atmosphere.  You made me love my job all over again, and reminded me to have an open mind in new atmosphere’s! Ciao!

Post Note:

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