Mini Coopers “From Roots to Wings”

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My pick of the week, our 2007 Mini Cooper ready for take off!


                                              Fit for a Queen- or a Surfer

The Mini Cooper is a car that was as much a cultural phenomenon in England as the VW Beetle was  in the U.S. It appealed to all economic levels from the everyday person, to even  the Queen herself.  Sales for the Mini went through the roof after Queen Elizabeth II was spotted getting out of one , and celebrities like the Beatles and Peter Sellers were seen in the fashionable little autos . It was even a race car in the 60’s, enhancing it’s popularity.   Here in the U.S. we too had a love affair with Mini, but it was very brief.   Mini was not able to comply with the new emissions regulations of the time , so it was withdrawn from the US market around 1968 leaving those behind very collectible and yet attainable like the VW , Fiat, and BMW 2002.  These are all great classic cars that are affordable and will only continue to hold their value. And once again whether you “live on the island” as they say around here, or have a moderate income, all these cars are great pieces to own.

   When the Mini Cooper  returned to the market here in the U.S. around the millennial turn of century, people could finally engage in the excitement. There as great demand for them. Being able to customize them with checkers, British flags, and racing stripes made them even more desirable. In fact, in 1999 the Mini was voted the second most influential car of the twentieth century, the first being the one and only Model T. Once again, the Mini has no boundaries and all economic backgrounds are invited to delight in this infectious, happy car. For a short , yet informative walkthrough on Minis go to

I’ve been demo driving one of our  pre owned Mini Coopers and I feel they are even liberating! No more squeezing into tight spaces . I can fit just about anywhere. As soon as I sat inside, I got the sense of a roomy cockpit with an oversized speedometer, and the infamous mini wings. This is something the designer of Mini, Issignosis is credited for.  He moved the wheels out further to allow for more cabin space.  It’s very roomy for its overall size. And what I think is really great about Minis is that the model itself has undergone only slight changes and it’s hard to tell what year model you may be looking at, unless you’re an expert of course. Take a look at these Mini’s below, there is a 2007 to a 2016 model. Can you tell which is which?



The particular model in our inventory (pictured below) is a Pepper White exterior, dark gray interior 2007 Mini Cooper.  It is an automatic and is under 42,000 Miles. For $9,999 it easily compares to a newer model with higher miles. The Mini has some really great roots and wings , as the saying goes.  It truly is a fun little ride offering a whole lot of value for very little money.