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What’s it Like Owning Your Own Business?

IMG_1096IMG_6041We just joined a group called ” Think Local” a group that prides itself on keeping the small charm feel of small local businesses.  We tenaciously still believe in the American dream.  It feels like a David and Goliath parable at times going up against the established dealerships. You may be thinking, ‘Isn’t that what you want? To be that “Goliath?’ to be like those big dealerships?” In many ways “No,” because we were those big dealerships. It will be very satisfying to reach competitive numbers, but it’s not everything.  Even if our numbers skyrocket, I want to be known as the local family dealership down the street, around the corner, just a friendly call away.

Why Buy From Us?

WeWERE  big corporate… way overrated as they say.  Being a small dealership, we can of course individualize and specialize.  The process can…

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