Owning A Business

What’s it Like Owning Your Own Business?


We just joined a group called ” Think Local” a group that prides itself on keeping the small charm feel of small local businesses.  We tenaciously still believe in the American dream.  It feels like a David and Goliath parable at times going up against the established dealerships. You may be thinking, ‘Isn’t that what you want? To be that “Goliath?’ to be like those big dealerships?” In many ways “No,” because we were those big dealerships. It will be very satisfying to reach competitive numbers, but it’s not everything.  Even if our numbers skyrocket, I want to be known as the local family dealership down the street, around the corner, just a friendly call away.

Why Buy From Us?

We WERE  big corporate… way overrated as they say.  Being a small dealership, we can of course individualize and specialize.  The process can be as quick or lengthy as you choose.  If you know exactly what you came for, we can have you in and out in thirty minutes.  If you require a little more leg work from us, we can find the vehicle you’re looking for.  We invite you inside the dealer process if that’s what makes you more comfortable.  We are very easy going.  Aside from that, our inventory is very fairly priced, not to mention diverse. Going to a larger dealership, you may be limited to one kind of manufacturer.  Also, because we are a small, independent lot, our overhead is much lower, which allows us to generate that low pricing we are becoming known for.  We don’t play around with added fees, just price, tax and tag. That’s it. We’re flexible in doing everything we can to help the person who is in need of a vehicle find a vehicle that fits their needs.

And We Give Back

We know the importance of giving back.  And our experience has been the more you give back, the more you get back.  We proudly support our local high school care team helping kids in need.  Whether it’s application fees for testing, or help with bills because someone in the family lost their job, the care team is there to help out.  It’s a great feeling that our dealership contributes to a cause like this, and we are open to supporting more of our local schools.  So owning is pretty cool.  We meet some really great people and we get to be around all kinds of cars all the time. Every week, we get new inventory , different kinds of cars each time. And each month we visit a car show or two. May 7 we will be at our local car show with our Brickyard 400 Pace car signed by Jeff Gordon -Whole lot of car, low miles, and great pricing.  Getting to cruise around in a car like that is great fun! We may never be “colossal” but like I said, that’s ok.  We know our humble little dealership is doing a whole lot of good in our community, and that makes us a huge success!