Lexus LS 460- Nat’s Pick of the Week

153,215 Don’t Be Afraid of High Mileage

It’s a natural instinct to stay away from cars with high mileage, but keep in mind high mileage can be your best friend. It’s the  difference of what is in your price range and what is not.  There are 2  reasons for the price of vehicle to come down: one is high mileage and the other is poor condition. So let me ask you a question. Which works best for you? A car with high mileage and good condition within your price range, or a car with lesser mileage and lesser condition outside your price range?

As an owner of a humble car lot in Jupiter, Fl.  I constantly review our inventory and drive vehicles around so that when someone calls asking about them, I just don’t spew numbers out.  I can actually give some relatable feedback to our potential customers. It’s part of the appeal of our independent dealership. We are 100% approachable.

This week I’ve been driving this Lexus around town, yes putting on a few more miles. As I drive it, I compare it to one of the best cars I have had, the BMW 7 series. It was luxury, luxury, luxury, as is this Lexus.  If you notice on the mosaic above, the side mirrors are tucked in.  Once I press the unlock, they slide out. Ventilated seats in our very “caliente” Florida weather, allow you to cool down right away as you turn the a/c on.  It has navigation, a sunroof, rear view cameras, and sound alert if something is too close.  It’s a whole lot of class, for a sensible budget. It looks black but it’s actually navy blue.  The drive is very smooth, and I feel like I felt when I drove the 7 series.

Whether you consider this car for your next purchase, or something else, look beyond the mileage. Look at the whole package.  The condition of the car, how the car performs  and how much car you’re getting for your money should be your deciding factors.  I know one thing, I have the blessing to be able to go buy a brand new BMW, Lexus, or Audi, but I wouldn’t.  It’s crazy how much a car depreciates in the shortest amount of time. That depreciation works to my advantage. It’s yet another reason to explore the used car market, and see what kind of luxury you can purchase within your set budget.