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I just wanted to dedicate this page to explaining posts that are referring to a “Challenge.”  I realize they may not be informative to our visitors from Classic Cars of Palm Beach, but they do provide me with an opportunity to exercise my writing ability and get to know other bloggers in the community. I try to relate the prompts to cars, being that I am surrounded in them through our business and for leisure of course. I leave them up for a few days under recent posts, then move them to this page. So if you like a particular posting on this page, let me know which one, so I can see what was embraced and what wasn’t.  Thanks for the visit!


Yesterday After Meet and Greet… This page will take you to Yesterday After to make new friends.  I am inviting fellow writer’s to take part in my Classic car picture challenge and to visit my archives since I am a brand new blogger. Enjoy!

Jennifer’s Tangerine Color Challenge

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Electric Vehicles- Rolling into the Future Challenge


Look to More and More Charging Stations in the Future

Sure we have all seen those small, goofy looking battery operated cars on the road. You know the ones, they look like a step above a golf cart.  And while these cars may be appealing to the consumer who is passionately conservative with energy, it does not seem to satisfy the consumer who WANTS to be conservative with energy. Not everyone is willing to give up on style when they’ve worked so hard towards a certain image. Then there’s the commitment. You have to be completely committed to owning a battery operated car by installing a charging station in your garage, and/or knowing where the nearest charging stations are located. We have a charging station just two years old now at our town hall here in Jupiter.  Out of curiosity I stopped by to check it out, and sure enough I found this Ford Fusion charging up.  This is a nice alternative to the golf cart models that have been popping up. And for consumers wishing something on the higher end,  car manufacturers, like BMW, have also produced  hybrid models. One being the dreamy  i8, offering a battery charging option along with the back up of good old fashioned gasoline. The BMW i8 can be charged at home  with the BMW i Wallbox or the charge cable .

One high performing electric vehicle standing in it’s own light is Elon Musk’s Tesla.  What’s the wow factor here? Complete trust in lithium batteries, the same ones used in the competitor cars as well as in our laptops and ever addictive cell phones. It also seems to offer descent cabin space compared to its competitors.

In his pursuit of energy efficiency , Musk has also produced home battery systems. They work in tandem with solar power panels. They are called power wall systems. The beauty is you can bank late afternoon solar energy for later use and allows you to pull power during off peak hours. They also offer back up electricity supply during power outages.  There have been issues with lithium batteries where they have overheated or even caught fire, so there seems to be a limit to sizing the batteries ( for now). This may be a turn off to potential buyers of Tesla, but I think it’s a matter of how the mind works to accept.  After all, we use gasoline all the time, knowing it too can blow up.

While car manufacturers have developed some pretty sweet looking electric rides , it comes down to how much effort are you willing to make to go green? Because if you are driving a car solely on battery, you need to do some planning, making sure you charge sufficiently at home and know where you can re charge when you need to. Tesla provides maps with information on where you can of course test drive one, but also where the charging stations are so you can better plan your commuting table. With hybrid cars, you can take baby steps towards going green. It may take a long time to make this transition, moving from gas to electric, and break away from the dependency of gas. But, I expect in the future, charging stations will be more and more common, and homes will be sold already having these battery charging stations in place, ultimately making the green step easier to make.

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