Classic Cars in Cuba- So What?

It’s Just Not Worth it to Me

Picture from Miami Herald

People Often Ask Me

“So now that things are opening up in Cuba, do you plan on going there, maybe buying a few cars there and bringing them back here?” I think to myself, they just don’t get it.” Just Breathe.”   I’m what I call “American- Cuban.” The term was Cuban- American when I was growing up, but as I grew up ,my love for MY country grew too.  These classic cars I love, the Bel Air, pictured above for example, they were made in the strongest nation of the era. A nation where hard work was a concrete path to achieving “THE AMERICAN DREAM.” My parents came in the 1950’s thanks to you know who. FC ( I don’t even want to put his name on my site.)

If I were to go to visit Cuba today, I would have the privilege to stay in, lets say, the Hotel Nacional. No air condition, but at least there’s an ocean breeze. I can sit at a table and be waited on and eat whatever may be on the menu.  Meanwhile, the people of Cuba have zero privileges.  They have to wait in line, just to HOPE to get a loaf of bread. Many don’t have everyday items that we take for granted, like toilet paper for instance.  For a month’s work, they may get $25.  They have free education and healthcare, but what can they even do with it? There’s no free thinking. People are put in jail for speaking out against the government.  And as crazy as it is here in the US, where I think “Freedom of Speech” is stretched and twisted at times, we can speak out, and express our opinions.  Our churches have not been locked up, but rather they are opened wide for all to worship as they please. We can relish in the Breath of Freedom.

It just makes me ( and many others I know) crazy when news pieces  present how exciting and romantic it is to visit Cuba, how the classic cars are so cool to ride in, and the baseball games are so great to see. But who gets the money generated by tourism? FC and his military. Why do I need to go to Cuba ? To see classic cars? We’ve got them in spades over here.( And ours aren’t fake, pieced together with Russian parts.)  To go to a baseball game? We got the Marlins state of the art stadium to my south and the Green Monster to my north. For food, we can come back with more than just a loaf of bread.  For the beautiful beaches? I live in Florida. And if I want that magical clear water, the Bahamas are just a short flight/ cruise away. I can think of so many other places in the world to visit.  By the way, if I wanted to go on a particular cruise line with my 80 year old mom, I can’t do it because the Cuban government has stipulated that if they were born in Cuba, Americans cannot step foot on the island.

I’ll tell you when I will go to Cuba.  When human rights are FULLY returned to the people of Cuba, then I will proudly visit the country where my roots lay.  Then and only then, will I flag down a taxi driver and go for a ride in that pink Bel Air pictured above. Till the Breath of Freedom prevails for ALL.  Till then, and only then.