Say Hello to Our Weekly Visitors



Each Friday I will share pics of people who come by with their special ride. We love seeing the old cruisers!

Say Hello to Sergio and Tony and the 1943 Fiat Topolino

Tony is the owner of EATaliano, our local panini shop here in Jupiter. ( They have great sandwiches by the way and make Cuban sandwiches look like appetizers.) I picked up bits and pieces of Sergio talking to Tony in Italian.  He mentioned Mussilini, making reference to the war years and the car’s authenticity, as he pointed to the original tire mounted on the back. Tony made the reference that a lot of priests drove these cars in Italy, a very different depiction of what Superbowl commercials put out for the now, sexy little car.  He also explained that the front and back license plates refer to the number of Topolinos on the road at the time, so this one for example was 63,365. What a great little car!  This car, to me, is right up there with the VW Beetle and Mini Cooper as a car that evolved yet kept its appeal to the public as a cute, sassy car. Ciao Bella!


Say hello to Greg of Marino Performance Motors. Greg came by with his lovelys, his daughter and one of the many beauties you’ll find at his place. If you are into high line exotics, visit his site.  It’s like Disney World over there.

Thanks for coming by Greg. Lookin Good!!!




Say hi to Dane from Jupiter, Fl.  He came by with his 1971 Chevy C10.  Special features include a 350 small block Camaro engine and 4 barrel carburetor.  It has a racing cam which Dane says gives momentum to the drivetrain.  Dane uses his truck as a daily driver and is preparing to work the summer camps at Griff’s Fishing camp, geared for 5 to 10 year olds and 10 to 13 year olds.  It’s great to see the young people driving old school. Thanks for coming by Dane! Have a great summer.

Rennie stopped by with his Custom 1950 Ford Pick Up cleverly named “Nifty Fifty.” It has a V8 Mustang 289 inside. It has a really cool horn and no door handles due to the shaved doors. Another cool feature, the cabin was dropped about 4 inches, so it’s a lower ride than your typical Ford ride.


Jack, from Stuart, Fl. cruised by in his 1962 VW with Porsche engine and a speedo transmission. It has a full rack cam and can do 0 to 60 in no time. What makes this VW rare is it’s rag top and California style rear windows. There is absolutely no rust on it, making it a very pristine example of what this car may have looked like upon its manufacture. Thank you Jack for taking us out. We feel like we rode on sunshine!

GROOVY BABY! Say Hello to Marci from Murrayville, GA!


When you are lucky enough to own your own business, you get to meet people from all kinds of places with the most interesting vehicles. Marci stopped by with her daughter just because she loves the old cars, as is evident with her groovy ride.  (Take notice of the headlights with the “eyelids.”) We came from Georgia to practice our surfing, and we saw your Bug so I just had to stop. Marci takes pictures of the right side headlights . Hey there’s something for everyone, right?  She proudly showed me her ride telling me it once sported a lime green interior. It’s tamed down since she got it as a 50th birthday present, and I can tell she really loves it because she has named it “Shaggy” and christened it with all kinds of stickers making statements and marking travels.  Having owned and driven my share of vintage cars, I’m impressed she drives it from state to state as she does!

Gute Show Marci! If you are ever back in Jupiter, Fl., bring Shaggy by again.  We love to get the classic visits!