After the Dust Settles…

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Barrett- Jackson Swept Through Palm Beach With a Storm of Excitement!

Even before the big event,  in this wonderful, quirky world of cars, people connected with each other sharing their passion for collectible cars. Barret Jackson starts with a gala the night before the auction begins. Great food ( I especially liked Havana) , music by Soul Survivor- very appropriate to the theme of past greats, paying tribute to Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and many, many more,  and the best part- pre auction access to the Circus tents as I call them, housing what everyone has come to see- a really great collection of cars.  Row after row of colored candy pieces spilled out on the fairgrounds.  That’s what it looked like to me.

As I strolled along with my husband, admiring the display, I would take notice of the delight on people’s faces as they hunched over to peer inside, admiring large steering wheels, unique shifters, and dashboards.  Then they walk around very slowly taking notice of lines and possibly paint scuffs, or the detail of the chrome bumpers, or the very cool fins of days gone by. They take a guess at what the car may sell for, or recollect having one in the family garage, or jot the lot number down to do some homework before bidding opens. They are hooked.  And who can blame them.

The morning of the auction, there is a great deal of buzz and energy. One of our cars is featured on Velocity. It’s a 1956 Ford Fairlane Country Wagon. It’s Coral and Cream and the reporter tells the audience why it caught her eye and then asks them to play in the bidding game.  This was an auto I was sad to part with, but being an outdoor lot in Florida, we really have to move our classics to avoid rust and deterioration. If I had a cupcake shop, or bakery let’s say, I would have used this car as a promotional vehicle. It really calls attention and I hope the new owner can appreciate it’s appeal as much as I did.

Twitter is tweet tweet tweeting about all the great cars at the show and among the tweets is our Duster.  We always featured this car as a great project car. It offered a great muscle look and for anyone that knows how to work on old cars. it was a steal!

You Just Never Know…

Take this very Adorable 1977 Volkswagen Beetle. Having one with a pending sale of $10,000  back at the lot , we guessed it to sell between 10 and $12,000. But as it turned out there was quite a little bidding war on this one.  It sold for $30,800.00!



And take a look at this 1957 T Bird.  Again having one very compatible to restoration details ourselves we guessed 65 to 70k.  It sold for $88,000. If you get the chance enlarge the interior photo so you can take notice of the birds on the door panels.  That’s my favorite feature on my Ladybird.

This 1953 Buick Skylark is just one example of cars that raked in over $100K! Celebrating it’s 50th year, this car underwent a frame-off restoration.  It’s well documented, and as mentioned in my first article, keeping binders, receipts and any relative record will only add value to the car.

Visiting auctions with this kind of inventory is great fun.  If you’ve never been to one, I highly recommend getting to one.  The bigger auctions, such as this one offer something for everyone.  As well as auctioning the cars, they also auction off memorabilia, and section off an area for vendors selling anything from jewelry to t shirts to car wax.  This one even had a test track!  Something for everyone.

On a final note, you may be in the market for a classic yourself.  If you need some guidance, or want us to bid for you, we can certainly help with that.  This is our passion and we love connecting people with their dream car.