Misplaced Keys Miles Where I Left Them!

Everyone Does It

At one time or other we all misplace our car keys . Misplaced keys are almost a right of passage for all teenagers.  That’s how I justify leaving the car keys inside my dad’s 1986 El Dorado and having to call him to bring me the spare key.  Did I mention I left the car running while the keys were “misplaced” inside? For over an hour while I shopped at a local boutique? I have to say he was very cool about it. After all, I live to tell the story. But that got me thinking, just when I thought that was the most creative way I ever misplaced my keys, it doesn’t compare to the experiences of today with the push button start features. While our new model vehicles carry features that are meant to be helpful, sometimes those same features can actually not be that great  an option for the preoccupied person. I believe we call it multi tasking.  Answering phone, driving car, being on auto pilot, which of course lead to mistakes.

One day I had to meet my husband 45 minutes south to change cars because of servicing appointments.  We traded cars.  I went my way in time to answer a phone call, he went his way. I got to the Turnpike service plaza to fill the car up, and realized I never really had the key to the car to begin with. I had to call him. “Honey do I have the keys to this vehicle?” I heard him gasp.” No, it’s in my pocket.” You see with the advent of “luxury features” some of these keys just have to be on your person to open the door and push the engine start button.  It’s designed for comfort of course.  If your hands are full and you are able to reach the door latch, as long as the key is close in your purse or pocket, you don’t even need to hold it in your hand to press the unlock button. No more fumbling in your purse to get to your keys. While it’s a great luxury feature, it may work against you as it did me.

The good news is I’m not alone.  I recall being about 20 minutes late to my very important puppy class with my Havanese gal, Truffles.  I parked my car and when we got down, I noticed the car next to me was on, but no one was inside. I approached the instructor alerting my fellow dog lovers that someone may have left their car on in the parking lot.  The lady with the mastiff who no longer looked like a puppy, but a beautiful brown bear, looked like a dear in the headlights as they say.  She was quite embarrassed she had done this, and I had to assure her, ” Non sense! You have your keys on you right?  It’s an easy fix.” She fumbled in her bag.  No key.  Same thing well almost had happened to her. She had come home in a rush, left the car running in the driveway, HAD REMEMBERED to take the key and her purse down but left the car running for the AC factor.  She grabbed her “puppy bag, her purse and Cujo, and rushed to  class. She did not want to be late. Pre socializing- very important. I think she one upped me though because she left her car on. Either way, had she turned it off she would have made the discovery at the end of our dog gone class.

I shared my stories with her and quickly extracted smiles and laughter. Misplacing keys can be very stressful at the time, but it’s one of those things that make a good story to tell, get people connecting with you and ultimately share a laugh or two.  By the way, you don’t want to loose one of those modern keys of today.  They can cost up to $300 or more in some cases, to replace! Another reason to pay attention!

I’d love to hear about your funniest ” Misplacing of Keys” story. We can all use a smile or two.