Older BMWS are Great Collector Option

For those who wish to collect European…

When we think of European classics, pricier models of Porsche or Mercedes may come to mind, however the Classic BMWs still remain reasonable in pricing,  and hold their value in the market.

BAVARIAN CREAM PUFFS listed in ClassicCars.com

BMW improved performance with a 2.0-liter engine



THE “O” 2 Model

The 2002 series offers as much a sporty look with the practicality of a small sedan even today as it did back then. These cars were introduced in 1968 as a product of BMWs power plant facilities and experience in the racing car circuits. They  have a following from BMW car enthusiasts that can appreciate the car’s conception and durability. And of course for others, it may be a nostalgic longing to drive the car they once owned long ago.   As you shop around for one of these, note the odometer settings.  What’s great about these cars is that they still offer both collectability and drivability.   These cars were made to take on the high mileage, and like the energizer bunny, they just keep going and going! With the success that BMW has had, it’s easy to see why they are celebrating their 100th year!

In researching an original brochure BMW boasts of painstaking construction, not produced on a typical assembly line. Taking three days to complete a single car, each would go through a tedious process of painting, hand examination, sanding and repairing. Built with pride, the process was repeated as many times necessary till the final result represented the true Bavarian ultimate driving machine that Car and Driver magazine would dub as “the best sports sedan in the world,” throughout the seven years of this model’s life. that’s a pretty darn good endorsement! During this life span, over 400,000 of these cars were produced. And, even the interior is purposefully plain, planned by engineers to create room for the passengers  and as little distraction as possible.

There is talk in the brochure of safety in the frame and consciousness in the emissions, as well as vortex action combustion chambers.  If you are into the historical aspects of these vehicles, I recommend spending a few minutes glancing through. And if you acquire one of these as we did, browse their manual and appreciate the tools’ stampings reading  “made in West Germany” instead of the all too familiar “made in China” stampings we are bombarded with today. Tools, manuals, spare keys, spare tires, all maintain the value of your car so do not toss them.

The cars pictured above are all available for purchase, the first being featured in a “Pick of the Day ” article. And depending on what you are looking for, you can pay more and have less to maintain, or may enjoy paying less and add on what you choose to add on. I like the freedom of making my car individual to me, and paying less allows for this.

On a final note, the manuals that come with these classics recommend taking your car into service two times a year whether needed or not in order to maintain the performance these cars were meant to have.  Sound advice for any classic, and even the new models of today.